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Focuser Omegon Pro 3'' Newton Crayford Dual Speed Mărește imaginea

Focuser Omegon Pro 3'' Newton Crayford Dual Speed


Disponibilitate: In 5-8 zile

930,00 lei

Large free opening: 3 "eyepiece pull-out
The rear end is especially important: A 3-inch, 3-axis Crayford extension provides enough space to illuminate even large-sized image areas without vignetting. A Crayford hybrid and guide rail reveals the ease of a Crayford pullout and the stability of a good Rack & Pinion pull-out.

  • Always the right object orientation: The eyepiece extension is completely rotatable
  • Reduction to 2 "and 1,25" with integrated spring ring clamp
  • Sensitively find the exact focus: 1:10 Setting for minimum focus adjustment
  • Stroke scale: to help you focus quickly
  • High stability: no tilting - so the camera sits exactly on the optical axis and the image remains sharp


Diametru conexiune 3”
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