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Filtru de contrast TS Optics Universal 2" Mareste

Filtru de contrast TS Optics Universal 2"


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Fisa tehnica

Diametru conexiune2"
Acoperire antireflexMultiplă
Tip filtru Filtru de contrast
Material cadru de montareAluminiu


A modest allround filter also for nebulae and non-astronomical use

It is simply screwed into the filter thread of an 2" eyepiece. This filter has plano-parallel surfaces and an anti-reflective coating. Thus guarantees good contrast and sharpness.

Quality features of the TS Optics Filters:

  • the filter housing is made of metal and as thin as possible to avoid vignetting
  • the glass used in our filters is very homogenous and parallel
  • we promise a very good image quality!
  • filter threads on both sides allow you to combine different filters.

Field of use - some examples:

  • Jupiter & Saturn: significant contrast enhancement on reddish detail, the "great red spot" appears more clearly - same as with other red structures in the planet's atmospheres. In opposite to simple colour filters, the objects do not appear extremely coloured.
  • Mars: general contrast enhancement, the polar ice caps become better visible. Detail on the planet's surface can be observed more easily.
  • Moon: significant contrast enhancement - especially detail on the terminator become better visible.
  • Twilight observation: general contrast enhancement, the sky's bluish part is reduced.
  • Daytime observation: also here, general contrast enhancement is visible. The target object gets no significant colour shifting.
  • Observation of deep-sky nebulae: of course the filter cannot be compared with a standard nebula filter but it also gives more contrast especially for reddish H-alpha-structures. The background becomes darker. Very recommended for teleskopes with smaller apertures where standard nebula filters take too much light. The picture remains natural.



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Filtru de contrast TS Optics Universal 2"

Filtru de contrast TS Optics Universal 2"

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