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Telescop ASA 12N 300/1140 Astrograph OTA 2"-Barlow



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Fisa tehnica

Diametru obiectiv300 mm
TipReflector Astrograf
Distanța focală1140mm
Raport focal3,8
Monturafără montură
Control GoToNu
Greutate tub16kg
Material oglindă principalăSuprax
Diametru oglindă secundară120mm
Obstrucţie oglindă secundară40
Lungime tub990mm
Adaptor ocular2" - 3"


With a astrographs you have an optimized for astrophotography Newtonian telescope: Fast, corrected optics with temperature-resistant tube and a solid Okularauszug

Newton Astrographs ASA satisfy the requirements of demanding astro-photographers:

  • The construction of the tubes of carbon fiber results in a high stiffness with low weight and ultra-low thermal expansion. Thus, the focus position will remain stable at long exposure. The tubes are covered with velvet, so as to avoid stray light. On the back of a fan is mounted, which provides a rapid temperature adjustment prior to use.
  • The ASA astrographs have a very fast aperture ratio. Thus you achieve a favorable signal / noise ratio in a much shorter time. Thanks to the corrective optics used the sky shots are up to the corners ready to clean, even when using large camera sensors: Perfect correction of large fields of view!
  • The Präzisionsokularauszug is motorized and is operated by a stepper motor: Perfect, twist and run by six bearings!

The Newton-astrographs feature parabolic primary mirror made of borosilicate glass from Schott (Suprax) with P / V <1/7 lambda wave, 97% reflection and come with Zygo interferometer grams.

Your benefits at a glance:

  • Quick aperture ratio, therefore, extremely short exposure times
  • Using the world's best correctors
  • Lightweight construction with high-quality carbon fiber CFRP view
  • Extremely accurate and robust Okularauszug (including ASCOM-compatible software)
  • Very precise manufacturing tolerances to achieve a stable system


  • Okularauszug including motor, software and cables
  • Main mirror fan with cable (5V-15V)
  • Pipe clamps
  • Laser Guide
  • Robust carrying case made of birch plywood with steel ball edges, aluminum profiles, flip handle grips, butterfly locks.

This variant of the 10N-astrographs of ASA is supplied with 2 "-Barlow corrector

  • Corrected Field of View: 30mm
  • Back Focus: 123,45mm

By the corrector, the properties of the OTA change as follows:

  • Focal Length: 2052mm
  • Aperture: f / 6.84

Camera Adapter: Please necessarily give when ordering your camera. You will then supplied the appropriate adapter.


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Telescop ASA 12N 300/1140 Astrograph OTA 2"-Barlow

Telescop ASA 12N 300/1140 Astrograph OTA 2"-Barlow

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